5 Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Mobile App


In today’s tech-savvy world, when almost every business has become online, numerous apps are being launched every now and then. In order to remain ahead of the competition, businesses are designing their apps to meet the new requirements of their users. If you already have a mobile application, you must be aware that despite the fact that it looks interesting today, it might become unexciting tomorrow.

It is vital to redesign the app, not just to improve its appearance but also to enhance its usability. Also, to keep your users engaged, the user interface design must be user-friendly. 

A proper and careful design is a must as it decides the future of mobile applications.

However, redesigning a mobile application is not an easy undertaking. You need to consider various key aspects like the current trends in app design, the app’s layout, user’s expectations, etc.

The whole process of redesigning an app can be hectic. To make it a bit easier, you must take the help of a proficient mobile app development company as they know the best ways to redesign an app as per the current trends and user requirements. 

So, how do you know that now it’s time to redesign your mobile application?

Well, if your mobile app is not generating the same revenue as it used to when launched for the first time or if your competitor’s app looks better than yours, it might be the time to consider mobile app redesign.

Moreover, below mentioned are some of the key signs that suggest the redesigning mobile application. Have a look:

1) Rebranding: 

If your company has gone through a major rebranding, it is advisable to do the same with your mobile application. While retaining the current functionalities of the application, sync the aesthetics with the brand’s new vision. 

2) Several Changes in the App:

Making too many changes to an existing app may make it look messy and complex to use for the users.

Too many changes may distract the user and he/she may not be able to work efficiently on the app. In today’s competitive era where various new apps are coming in with modern-day trends, if you just make the changes without any up-gradation, your app will be of no attraction to the users.

Therefore, instead of making so many changes in the current app, it is better to consider redesigning it and launch it all together again. 

3) Less traffic:

If your mobile application is not getting enough traffic or the number of users on your app is slowly reducing, then it’s the time to give some freshness to your app by redesigning it with attractive features and easy usage as per current trends and user’s demand. 

4) Lesser or no Social Media Features:

Today social media is everywhere.

Businesses are using various social media platforms to promote their business as a large number of people these days use social media channels. It is beneficial for any business to design their app to run on social features.

You must provide a quick link to social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and various other networks on your app so that the users can share anything from the app directly to these sites.

If your app is still not linked to social media channels, it’s high time to redesign it and make it run on social features. 

5) To Stay in the Competition:

Always remember that there are thousands of apps launched that are similar to what you are offering to your customers. As soon as you launch your app, many new rival apps come up with similar features and offerings.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep your app updated with modern layouts and a user-friendly interface so as to remain in the competition. If you think that your app has become quite outdated, consider redesigning it as soon as possible. 


Today, mobile apps have become an important part of our lives.

They have become so important and reliable that people cannot willingly overlook them. Mobile apps have emerged as a constant source of information, entertainment, and fun.

The growing use of mobile apps has opened the doors for businesses to easily reach their existing customers and attract new customers.

However, as so many options are available for mobile users, they expect a lot from an app including easy usage, easy navigation, fast loading time, hassle-free interaction, and more.

If you want your app to be successful, redesign it carefully, and make it more appealing.

Take the help of a professional mobile app development company that can create the best design for your app at a reasonable mobile application development cost without any hidden charges.

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