Essential Features to Keep in Mind While Developing an Auto Insurance App

auto insurance app development

Over the last few decades, advancements in mobile technology have completely transformed the way insurance providers operate. The mobile insurance app development is playing a vital role in augmenting the bar of customer service. In case of auto insurance, the convenience and portability offered by these kinds of apps allow customers to claim damages instantly as per their convenience.

If you are planning for insurance mobile app development, it is essential to know about the most important features to be included in the app.

Some of these features are mentioned below, have a look:

#1 Cross-platform

With a large number of smartphone users, it is important to develop an app that can help you to target both the Android as well as Apple users. Always remember, a cross-platform app is a must to attract a large number of users.

#2 Separate Profile Option

Make certain that your app development agency offers separate profiles for each user. Furthermore, the user should be able to create a profile in less time without any hassle.

#3 User’s Choice of Price Insurance

It is important to know that not all the users wish to spend a big amount on auto insurance. They may look for the lowest price insurance policies. Therefore, make sure that your app sort down the insurance policies as per the user’s choice and requirements.

#4 GPS Facility

An auto insurance app must have GPS installed. It not only offers real-time tracking of vehicles but can also be used to provide roadside assistance.

#5 Easy Insurance Buying Process

The auto insurance app must offer an easy insurance buying option to its users. The user must be able to buy his or her choice of insurance policy immediately. When it comes to documentation, the app should allow users to scan the documents for submission. After submitting all the required documents, the user must be able to get a detailed invoice on the app itself.

Furthermore, the app users should get acknowledgments in the form of detailed and authorized receipts after the successful payments. The app must also provide easy payment options like payment through credit cards, debit cards or even by e-wallet apps.

#6 Easy Claiming

The auto insurance app must offer easy claiming options to its users. Nowadays, there are several auto insurance apps that allow users to upload images to claim insurance.

#7 Push Notifications

This is yet another most important feature that an auto insurance app must have. It is basically the feature that notifies users about app updates, upcoming payment cycles, invoices, receipts, and various other important details.

#8 Multilingual Support

In case you are targeting the whole globe, your app development agency must make sure that the app has a multilingual feature. This will help to drive app engagement and will also boost app retention.

#9 Telematics

Though this feature is quite expensive, it is really worth to be included in the insurance app development. This feature basically uses artificial intelligence. With the use of GPS, gyroscopes and accelerometer data on the smartphone, it helps to evaluate the drivers’ driving skills.

The app helps to analyze various things such as driving behavior and patterns, frequent destinations, smartphone usage while driving, traffic rules are followed or not and many other things. After evaluating the driving skills, if the driver qualifies all steps, he or she gets to pay a lesser amount for auto insurance.

#10 24×7 Customer Support

For enhanced user experience, make sure that the auto insurance app offers good customer support.

In today’s competitive app development market, where every now and then an innovation takes place, it is important to include all the best possible features in an app. By adding all the above mentioned features, you are most likely to create a lucrative auto insurance mobile app.

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