Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2019

mobile app development trends 2019

According to a report (by Statista), the total number of smartphone users throughout the world is expected to cross the 5 billion mark by 2019. The most popular smartphone operating systems in the industry today are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In the year 2016 alone, around 1.5 billion smartphones with either iOS operating systems or Android were sold to end users all over the world. Android leads the market with around 80% of all smartphone sales, whereas 15% of the smartphones sold to end users have iOS as their operating system.

When talking about the top-most smartphone vendors in the industry, Apple and Samsung are the leading brands. Other leading smartphone brands that are gaining popularity day by day include Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei. With the growing demand for smartphones, the mobile app development industry is also growing at a rapid pace and is expected to generate around $188.9 billion as global revenue in the coming year. Below mentioned are some of the most awaited mobile app development trends to watch out in 2019, have a look:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

The demand for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is getting higher day by day in the form of Chatbots and virtual assistants. The worldwide Chatbot market is expected to grow to 1250 million by the year 2015. As per Gartner (world’s leading research and advisory company), it is estimated that about 6 billion connected things like cars, appliances, and smart devices will be needing support from Artificial Intelligence platforms by 2018. It also anticipates that around 200 of the world’s largest companies will develop intelligent apps in the coming years. Furthermore, the $300-350 million spending for Artificial Intelligence in 2015 is projected to be $30 billion by 2025. According to a new report (by IDC), the Artificial Intelligence market will experience a revenue growth of more than $47 billion in 2020.

Motion sensing and Geolocation

Most of the smartphones these days are coming up with location sensing technology. In the near future, most of the devices are expected to be equipped with motion sensing and geolocation apps. Motion sensing app is best to outcome the problems such as anti-theft, power saving and security issues. Whereas the geolocation in mobile apps offers various useful opportunities like places can be found easily, routes can be calculated and information about the surrounding area can be obtained easily. Apart from vehicle navigation, location-based apps are also a good fit for fitness apps and gaming.


According to a research, 9 out of 10 consumers keep their smartphones within reach 24/7. This has a great impact on the way people search, view and purchase products online. It is believed that in the near future more and more consumers will adopt Mobile-Commerce. The swiftly growing popularity of ApplePay and Google Wallet will facilitate purchases through the use of smartphones in place of debit and credit cards. For businesses, it would be really beneficial to develop the business mobile application as m-commerce is expected to be the next generation of e-commerce.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is gradually securing its place in various industry verticals. There are endless possibilities in technology and apps that drive on this system. With smart mobile apps, you can now easily operate or manage TV, lights and various other electronic devices through your mobile devices. This is perhaps one of the greatest technologies in the field of app development.

So, these are some of the top-notch trends that are expected to rule 2019. Every mobile app development company should be prepared for the excellent opportunities that these trends are coming up with.

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