iBeacon App Development- Drive your customers more proficiently & beat the competition with our amazing and seamless functioning iBeacon apps.

Fameget is an award-winning iBeacon App Development Company. Our artistic team of beacon developers is proficient at merging latest iBeacon technologies with the wonderful user experience. We believe in developing low energy consuming apps which boost the value of your business. Business can use iBeacon apps to improve its users’ knowledge and communications. iBeacon apps have diverse uses-from welcoming users when they enter your sales area by offering directions to arrive at your store. There are countless means that businesses can improve their users’ practice and communication by using iBeacon technology.

Fameget is a leading Beacon App Development Services provider. We can adapt any iOS or Android device that helps in data sharing via Bluetooth into an iBeacon. Consequential are apps that can be used as apps that are used in geo-location or point-of-sales apps. For new kinds of iBeacon executions, we use keen iBeacon hardware from third-party manufacturers and make them practical during large user edge and user experience devices.

Our Expertise:
  • Mobile Payments
  • Indoor navigations & maps
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset Tracking App
  • Smart Automation
  • Smart Healthcare App Solutions
Why Fameget for iBeacon?
Provide Value Added Experience

Our iBeacon apps give an advanced level of personalization and user experience to connect with nearby devices. Therefore they are ideal for one to one user communication.

Offers Real Time Notifications

When users enter the showroom they get push notifications about the deals at the time they are in the choice of the beacon. iBeacon is set up to be an affordable solution.

In-store Shopping Experience

The iBeacon apps we build can be a huge chance for commerce, for retail to improve their client’s in-store experience by transferring targeted details.

Assisting Mobile Payments

We develop iBeacon apps for easy payments, as the app begins cashless payments. The concept behind the solution is to create payments as easy as possible.

Used for Checking Proximity

We are known for building high-end proximity based solutions for customers. We have offered a variety of mobile proximity solutions which are developed using iBeacon.

Custom iBeacon App Solutions

We deliver high quality, adapted iBeacon application development services. Our iBeacon apps offer the most excellent user experience making shopping fast and thrilling.

Have an idea or looking for assistance with an existing project?

iBeacon App development is an iron grip of developers at Fameget. So let`s get connect and convert your app idea with help of our highly skilled into a dazzling mobile app solution.

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