Top 10 Tips To Boost Your App Downloads From App Stores

boost mobile app download from app stores

Around 2 million mobile apps in the key app stores, getting your app noticed is one of the leading concerns facing mobile app marketing company today. If you’re in the mobile app room, it’s vital to know the range of techniques for marketing your app. So here are some of the essential methods that are being overlooked by most – app store optimization (or ASO for short).

#1 App name

App Stores look for keywords in your app title. Thus, consider cautiously about your name, remember that having your keyword in your title can boost around 10% your ranking in search engine. You can also utilize your brand name, but try to use it in a short way.

keywords in app name

#2 Rating and Reviews

App Stores take into consideration your rating and reviews. Your feedbacks are scanned by the app store; gradually that takes some keywords from these same feedbacks. This is a superior idea to look for keywords during keyword research. Do not request reviews randomly, though they are really vital. Thus, stay for the appropriate time to ask your user for a rating.


rating and reviews of mobile applications

#3 Update Often

Apps that are continually updated have a good review, which brings more significance to your product. App Stores consider the occurrence of updates. So, the more dedicated you are to your product, the better your ranking is.

#4. Number of downloads

This feature is, so to talk, recursive, that is, the more downloads the App has, the more the chance of emerging at the top of the search ranking for those keywords. It is an identified information that Apps that make it to the App store tops, see their downloads boost exponentially as they are comprised in that list.

#5 Firebase App Indexing

This is applicable for both Apple App and Google Play Store. By allowing the Google Firebase in your app, you are enabling your app content to be revealed in the search engines of an individual’s mobile, still when they do not have your app installed. This is helpful to enhance your engagement.

#6 App description

In this field, we have the chance to specify all the App’s characteristics, with any prizes and other suggestions worth mentioning. It is also another chance to put in keywords that you may have recognized as being applicable.

#7 App screenshots

This reason alone does not boost the ranking in search results but contributes very much to its download as soon as the App is in the customer’s line of vision. It’s the screenshots that “encourage” the customer to download: they must demonstrate the app’s main visions and purposes, and may also consist of training on how to utilize it.


#8 Backlinks

App store consists of some SEO strategies in their search ranking. The improved web SEO you have, the higher you will have download at play store. To connect the app and the website, and allow app store know that you are associated.

#9 Promotional Graphic and Video

Graphics and video play a significant role in increasing downloads. The App Store allows you consist of screenshot images and play store lets you display video. Choose images and videos that boaster your app in action. Upload your video to YouTube and show it on your app store page. You also should set in your YouTube video on other sites and share it on social media.

#10 Extend Free and Discount Offers

Experts also suggest providing your app for free or for a discount for a restricted period that boosts your downloads. Use this method in combination with a CPI ad campaign to reinforce your CPI offer. To help with your discount, use apps that are like to everyday deal services.

Bottom Line

Tinkering with these 10 factors can greatly influence apps in boosting downloads; you require to spend time and effort. If you do, you’ll have a reliable medium for driving traffic to your app. Being found is one of the most tricky challenges for mobile application development, but it is a trouble you can keenly solve.

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