Top 5 industries That Gained Growth in COVID 19 Pandemic With The Help of Mobile Apps


The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been the most difficult time to deal with, for each one of us.

It not only affected us emotionally but also posed financial challenges. A lot of people lost their jobs and many businesses were shut down.

However, thanks to the technology and Indian mobile app developers who kept working in the direction of developing some useful mobile applications and offered great help to the people/industries in need.

Let’s have a look into the top 5 industries that showed unbeatable growth during the pandemic through the use of mobile applications:

1) Education industry – The year 2020 completely changed the way the students studied in a proper school environment. Suddenly everything became virtual, from attending the classes to meeting classmates. Without compromising with the future of our children the various mobile apps came to their rescue. With the minimal requirement of internet connectivity, the student-teachers interaction, exchange of notes, query solving, etc. became much easier and thus helped the industry stay afloat.

2) Workforce Industry- The traditional way of employees working for 9-12 hours in an office environment is an old story now. The pandemic brought this unexpected shift but with the presence of remote work applications developed by the relevant mobile app development agency, the employees could work from home, hold virtual meetings, share data and discuss projects, resulting in the industry picking up faster and experiencing exponential growth during the unpredictable time of the pandemic, highlighting the acceptance of the concept of WFH by the employees as well as the management.

3) Entertainment Industry- At the beginning of the pandemic, when the entire world was thrown into complete lockdown and people were caged into their own houses, the entertainment industry flourished. From gaming to media streaming apps, the market of online viewing started booming. The web series, the movies released online on these platforms, as well as the repeat telecast of some epic shows, kept people hooked onto their screens. The digital era emerged as a boon with applications giving updated and regular information about the pandemic along with entertainment.

4) Groceries Delivery Industry- The groceries are indispensable at any time and this industry kept functioning even during the acute days of the pandemic, making sure that the order reaches the customers safely and on time. In this regard, the mobile apps aided in assured and reliable delivery of the products, keeping in mind the contactless service. As people find it easier to order things online, e-grocery services have seen a rise around the world, especially, in this pandemic. Not to forget that people experimented a lot in their kitchen during this time!

5) Fitness & Wellness Industry- The year of the pandemic was full of speculations as in what to take or do to stay immune to the virus. A lot of fitness and wellness apps helped people in giving the right direction and suitable advice. Many well-known doctors also connected with people through online platforms to solve their queries and doubts. The contents also helped people stay emotionally sane along with workouts, yoga sessions, motivational videos, online webinars through subscriptions, etc. The fitness apps also offer personalized workout plans and healthy diet options to stay fit and fine. It is important to take care of the mind and body to be able to get over the hard times like that of the pandemic and such apps played a vital role in achieving it.


Digitalization in our daily lives has become the new normal.

A lot of industries benefitted while many others have suffered losses.

People must adapt to the changing scenario and prepare themselves for the times ahead because as they say, change is the only constant.

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